My Hot Asian Tutor (teacher student sex story)

Jordan is literally a dumb jock. At the tender age of eighteen with the most unimpressive Fs on all of his courses in high school (well except for football but that doesn’t count), it is no wonder that the boy landed himself  in community college, desperate to do better so he can attend a prestigious university full of smart hotties. And also to make his super Asian parents shut up. “Jordan why can’t you be like Ben? He got into USC with a 4.0 GPA and is already working on his MBA at 21!” Blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, Jordan is starting to feel the pressure now because all of the hot girls that he has been mind fucking are university students. That is ultimately THE only source of motivation for this pretty boy. With model good looks, lack of brains, and an AMAZING body, Jordan was the playboy of his school and having sex was his number one hobby. That was all Jordan did. The amount of girls that he fucked could easily break three digits.

Currently, Jordan has been doing alright in his classes except for math. Math just didn’t jive with Jordan like sex does. Well that would all change when Jordan meets Gracie Chung. Gracie Chung is the model Asian student graduating with a 5.0 GPA from high school and a 4.0 GPA from Princeton in applied mathematics. With two PhDs at only 21, Gracie was already a full-time professor/researcher at UCLA. Not only is Dr. Chung amazingly intelligent, she is HAF (hot as fuck) with a gorgeous face and the tightest petite body ever with an even tighter slit that just won’t quit fucking thick cocks. And she also happens to be Jordan’s math tutor that his parents’ secretly hired for him, knowing that the combination of school and sex are balanced with Dr. Chung helping out. Ding dong. Jordan got out of bed and went to open the front door in nothing but his boxers. “Yes can I help you?”

“Hi I’m Dr. Gracie Chung. I’m here to tutor Jordan in calculus. Are you him by any chance?” Upon hearing the sultry voice of a vixen, Jordan’s sleepy eyes immediately flew open. What awaited him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “Hi. Uhm yeah I’m Jordan. Come on in. Just let me wash up really quick and I’ll be right down.” He practically ran up the stairs, threw on some clothes, sprayed some cologne, brushed his teeth extra clean, and washed his face. He gathered his supplies and proceeded to get his game on before the books come out. “My class is currently on partial derivatives. I don’t get any of this stuff.” “Well that’s alright. I’m here to help you and show you that math can be very fun. In fact, since your parents’ aren’t home, let’s play a game. Every time you solve a problem incorrectly, you have to strip off a piece of clothing. Every time you get a problem right, you can strip off a piece of my clothing. The person with the most clothes on gets to do whatever they want to the other contender. Sound fair?” Jordan couldn’t believe his ears. Was his tutor hinting at a fuck session DURING school time? He could get very used to this. “Deal. Let’s do this.”

After an hour of stripping from both Jordan and Gracie, the finale was about to happen. “So out of 12 problems you got 3 correct. This means that I can do whatever I want with you. You’re my fuck toy right now Jordan. Better prepare yourself for this.” Gracie moved in to pushed her lips hungrily on Jordan’s. “Oh Jordan. The moment I saw you open the door I just wanted to ride the fuck out of you. I didn’t expect to land such a hot student.” Their lips continued to brushed against one another, their hands moving wildly. Jordan broke the kiss and started to rip the remaining clothes off of Gracie. He then cupped her breasts and started sucking and licking each soft pink nipple. “Mmm… Oh yeah… I like that… Ohh…” Jordan started to trail his kisses down Gracie’s body and parted her toned legs. He dipped his tongue into her warm mound, sucking and tasting every bit of her. She tasted amazing. Gracie arched her back and moaned even louder while rubbing her tits together. Jordan loved what he was hearing so he decided to up the ante and started to finger blast her. Gracie shook with delight. “Yes Jordan. OH FUCK! Oh yeah baby. Ohhh…baby…” Gracie got off of the table and went down on her knees. One look at Jordan’s thick cock and she knew she was going to have the time of her life. Gracie wrapped her soft lips around Jordan’s member. She started sucking very hard, using both of her hands to twist in opposite directions up and down Jordan’s thick shaft. Jordan moaned in ecstasy. “Baby let me feel you. I want to be inside.” Gracie ignored him and kept sucking, her head bobbing furiously as she tasted and teased every inch of him. “Oh your cock tastes so good Jordan. I want you to cum in my mouth after we fuck.” Gracie got up and positioned herself over Jordan’s hard member. Slowly she eased herself down, a satisfying moan escaping her lips. She started pumping her tight twat against Jordan’s dick, riding and riding until her first orgasm washed over her. Jordan flipped her on her side and started fucking her from behind. In and out his dick went, harder and faster until Gracie screamed out in ecstasy. “Oh fuck me! Fuck me harder. Harder. HARDER! Oh yeah Jordan! Oh fuck!” A second orgasm hit Gracie like a ton of bricks. She went on her knees again and started sucking Jordan off again, tasting the sweet mixture of both their bodies. She went deeper and deeper until Jordan was about to bust. “Final round baby. Let’s do this.” Jordan lifted Gracie by her thighs and slammed her sexy figure against the wall. He eased his dick back into her and started pounding her tight pussy. “Pull my hair baby and slap my ass. YES YES!! OOHHH! Oh you feel so good inside me.” Sweat started dripping down their bodies as Jordan was fucking Gracie like a madman. He felt the pulsing in his dick which signaled that he was very close to busting so he quickly pulled out, flipped Gracie on her stomach, and came all over her sweet ass. Every tutoring session after that always included a fuck session and in no time, Jordan transferred to UCLA as a mathematics major. Guess who’s his professor/advisor?
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