She Came at Dawn(teen sex story)

I was standing in line at the high school cafeteria, but I wasn’t paying attention when it was my time to order. “D.. you… ant.. pi.. or a ..urger?”, the lady at the register said. I couldn’t really hear what she was saying, her voice was backround, as my full attention was turned elsewhere. A girl I had been going to school with since the beginning of high school was in my sights. She was a little shorter than me, dark flowing hair, natural tits that were just beginning to blossom, a perfect apple bottom, and a beautiful face. Her name was Sarah. We were seniors in high school now and she still barely knew me, but I felt like I knew her. I would always obsess over the way she carried herself and the way she dressed. I know I’m not the only one too. She’s probably the hottest girl in school, and I know I would probably never see her naked or anything. She dropped a book she was carrying and had to bend over to get it. This was perfect because she was wearing a short little skirt that revealed her sexy legs. But now as she bent over, her skirt lifted over her perfect heart shaped ass. My eyes flew wide open and my heart beat skyrocketed. She was wearing a pink thong that rode way up into her butt. “I finally saw her ass”, I thought to myself. Holy shit, I’m going to use that to jerk off many times later.

“Get the fuck outta line asshole!”, some guy yelled at me from the line forming behind me. Sarah turned her attention to where the yelling was coming from and saw me standing there….staring at her. And she realized why I was staring from the look on my face and the growing bulge in my pants. She called over to me saying “Hey you! Come over here!”. I was nervous at first, but the assholes yelling at me made it easier to move towards her. In my mind I thought there might be a possibility of seeing her ass again, or even her boobs and pussy. I was feeling light and like I had butterflies in me. I swallowed my anxiety and walked over to her calmly.

“I saw you looking at me you dirty bastard”, she said as she smiled at me. “We should goto breakfast tomorrow together”, I blurted. Why the hell did I just say that. Much to my surprise she slipped me a piece of paper with an address and time and then she smiled again. As she walked away from me, she rubbed her fingertips across my jeans where my cock had grown almost to a full blown boner. She bit her lip and flashed me her ass again and she was gone. I was stunned. This girl wanted my cock. No Fucking Way…I looked down at the piece of paper and my heart beat even faster when I read what was on it. “Come to this address at sunrise tomorrow don’t be late. I’m going to suck your huge cock and fuck you all day”. I never knew she was such a horny slut, but I didn’t care because this was my big chance with her.

The note said not to be late, but nothing about being too early. I showed up before the sun had even risen. It was her house, and the window to her room was visible from the street. I could see her sleeping through her window and I knew this was it. I paced back and forth then moved towards the window. I pushed the window up a little bit, it was unlocked! Before I slipped in, I warmed my cock up with my hand. I wanted to be big and hard for her when she sees it. I was ready now, and I moved into her room through the window. I slipped my pants off and pulled off my underwear. Then I took off my shirt and I was completely naked standing there in her room.

I moved onto her bed and positioned myself behind her. She must have been awake the whole time because she turned herself around to face me. Her eyes were still closed and she was breathing slowly. I moved closer to her body and when we came in contact I realized she was naked too. Her body was soft and warm. Her breasts pressed up against my chest and my cock began to pulsate. She wrapped her fingers around my face and brought me closer to her until our lips locked. All of a sudden we were kissing passionately, swapping our tongues into each others mouths. I felt her hands feeling my abdomen and making their way down to my cock. She began to stroke my huge hard dick and she made a “mmmm” sound. I wrapped my arms around her and caressed her back until I felt the top of her ass crack. I slowly moved my fingers down her ass until I got a good feel of one of her cheeks. Then I grabbed it furiously and sated every lust I ever had for her. I wanted more now. She rolled over onto me and put my hands on her perfect tits with quarter sized nipples. Her hair dangled onto my chest and she positioned her hips over mine. In a single movement she grabbed my cock and thrusted it right into her pussy. A warm sensation took over the bottom half of my body and sent the rest of my body reeling. She moved up and down on my cock, moaning everytime my penis went deeper and deeper into her. Her pussy juice ran down the shaft of my cock and down the side of my thigh as she rode me hard. She went faster and faster. “Oh my god your’re cock is so big!”, she screamed. Her thrusting slowed down as her body began shaking violently. At this point, I took control and turned her around on her knees and fucked her from behind. She instantly cummed all over my dick and fell into a heap. I finished off on her beautiful ass. The ass I thought I’d never see, I was now cumming on. My life felt complete. A ray of light shone into her window. The sun had risen. She came at dawn.
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