She found me naked in bed, thought I was sleeping(amature sex story)

This was my first time with a friend of mine. We were neighbors for roughly 12-14 yrs. Around the age of 18, she had caught me masturbating. But, she kept it quiet, and we never talked about it, but carried on as nothing happened. We never fancied each other, but we were great friends.
After school, we both got shifted for college to different places, but still maintained friendly contacts. We sometimes met each other in summer vacations.
We were both 21 when she first visited my house. Her exams were over, and she had tipped me that, she may visit me as it had been a long time, since we last met. Since, my exams were on, I asked her to come on the day my exams would end, but with exam tension, I apparently forgot that I have got a visit. I even forgot to mention it to my parents (they also knew her well).
After exams ended, I returned home with satisfaction, and stretched in my bedroom. Dad was working, but Mom was at home. But, she said, she had to go out for some paperwork. I dozed of quickly, though I must have been a bit awake, because I heard the doorbell. My Mom answered the door, after a sometime my mother called “SON, its your friend, get up. I am going out.”. I was still half asleep. I was awake late night preparing for exams, and was reluctant to get up. I must have not heard properly. If I had, I would have woke up fast to eagerly meet my childhood friend. But, my thinking power has always been poor in half sleep. I heard the door shut, and then silence.
After some time I heard footsteps in the corridor, and suddenly the door of my bedroom swung open. Then a familiar voice called my name. My senses came to life as though they have never been like this before. My heart started thumping faster. I did not dare wake up, as at that moment, it occurred to me, that I was naked. I was although covered by a blanket. It was a hot summer, and I usually slept naked if I want a tiny nap. It would have looked odd & suspicious, if I had got up and asked her to wait for me in the living room. So I kept my eyes shut. My only chance was she would leave to the hall, giving up, and I would dress quickly and follow. Then I remembered about my clothes. My undies were hidden inside my blanket(in case Mom comes & suspects me), but my shorts were lying on the edge of my bed. Perhaps, that would have given her some thought, because after a sometime MY BLANKET WAS THROWN OFF. Nothing, could have been more embarrassing, than a best friend finding me naked on bed. I heard a soft giggle, then felt soft fingers on my eyes. She was checking whether I am really asleep (I wondered why). Nevertheless I tried hard not to blink, didn’t want to embarrass myself more than this. I thought she just wanted to see my penis, which was clearly in front of her, then she will leave the room and act reluctant as though nothing happened, as she did when she caught me masturbating years ago.
Then, after a long time, or may be no time at all, I felt the same soft hands, this time on my penis. Well, what do you expect a dick to respond when touched by a girl. It started growing at a rate it has never achieved before. She removed her hand quickly, and touched my eyes again. She suspected, I was awake. But, next moment she was touching my penis. She might have convinced herself that penis get erect even if their masters are sleeping. She slid the foreskin back and forth, and began masturbating me. After few seconds, she sniffed my penis, then tasted it, and gave a blowjob. It would have been enjoying, had I not been asleep, and doing quick thinking, whether I ought to reveal myself or not. Then, I felt those lips pressed on mine. That was my first kiss.
Now, I decided, it won’t be possible to pretend anymore, and opened my eyes. She gasped and stopped kissing. But, I had done my thinking and said, “Its alright”. She smiled and kissed me again. Then she slid on my chest to my penis and started giving me a blowjob, which was as good as previous, but more enjoyable. All precum if there, she swallowed it too. When, I reached the point I stopped her.
“My turn” I said.
I pushed her on the bed and removed her top, while kissing her. Then I untied her bra to reveal nice beautiful boobs. I had never seen boobs in front of me, it was always the internet. I handled and massaged them for some time and she moaned as her nipples found extreme hardness. But, I could not wait for the actual thing to see. I removed her pants and undies to reveal the thing, that made me think, girls are most beautiful in the world. That young tight shaved pussy was so good, it made my penis throb with thirst and my mouth open with hunger. I stared with greed in my eyes for some time on that sexy girlish pussy, then controlling my fingers, asked her “is your hymen intact?”
“No”, she said as I expected. So I was saved from doing the breaking and cause bleeding which would have made the fun lower down.
I started massaging her lips, and slowly slid my fingers in it. She moaned. I had some idea, were exactly to rub and she moaned louder and her pussy filled with juices. Now, it was time. I bent lower and licked all the juices and put my tongue in and gave her the oral, she kept moaning, but at some time, she screamed so loudly, I swear, the neighbors would have been alerted. I told her to be quiet .
“That was best oral I had”, she said gasping for breath. I was surprised. This was my first time sexual with a girl, and I gave her orgasm on oral. It made me proud and possibly, more confident.
I bent and kissed her. Her mouth contained my juices, and mine contained hers. We kissed until she said, “Fuck me”.
I was reluctant a bit, though I confess, I was about to thrust my penis into her wet vagina.
“What if you get pregnant?”, I asked.
“I will take a pill, don’t worry”, She said.
The answer was unexpectedly quick. I found myself in serious suspicion, and didn’t felt odd to ask
“You had sex before?”
I expected ‘No’ in either case.
Again, unexpectedly she confessed
“I had a casual with a very shy boy, but that ended with hardly 5-6 strokes within 5 min”.
But, when I continued to look unconvinced, she said “He was a virgin. You are safe with me. Trust me.”
I smiled “Don’t I always?” and very slowly I slid my penis in her pussy, to enjoy every bit of her vagina. I went slow initially, and then went hard. She was moaning like mad. I didn’t go for my own orgasm, but wanted her to be comfortable. She was clutching the ends of the bed tightly. I am sure she was enjoying. After about, 5 mins continuous fucking, she screamed, but this time, I was ready, and clapped my hand on her mouth. She was gasping and sweating. We tried many other positions, including, she on top.
“Why aren’t you cumming?” She asked suddenly after a long time fucking in top position.
“I am good at controlling. I want to enjoy more.”
“Are you virgin?”
“No”, I said simply, “I just lost it to you right.”
“For a virgin, its really long for first time”
“well, lets get it done then, my Mom could be home now.” for at that moment I remembered the look on my Mom’s face when she returns and finds both of us flushed as though we had run a mile.
“Give me blowjob and I cum in your mouth” I said.
“No, I want to feel the hot cum in my pussy”
“Ok. lets go to bathroom”
We went to the bathroom and there we had shower, and fucked, until I cummed. She took half of cum in her pussy and quickly turned to swallow the rest.
It was done. We washed each other and chatted and were ready to face my Mom, who arrived 5 mins after we made a plan of acting as though we were watching TV all time.
She kissed me while leaving, when Mom was in kitchen and said, “We will do it again”.
I grinned. I had never thought to have relationship with her, nor I think I will proceed to. But sexual relation, not a problem!
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