We Fucked in All Positions(teen sex story)

I was a freshman at NYU studying psychology. Growing up in central California where farms are plentiful and the juiciest gossip around had something to do with a cow giving birth, I had nothing better to do than sleep with rancher boys in my town. Life was so much different back home than in New York. New York is such a fast paced society where time is literally money and that was something I just wasn’t used to. I felt so stressed from school and all of my “friends” were from the upper east side of Manhattan, where money and status is everything, could care less about her struggles unless it was sexual. Sex was all my friends cared about. It was pretty much the only reason why we were friends.

Feeling extremely lonely one night, I took a cab to Marquee, one of New York’s hottest nightclub, hoping to blow off some steam and make out with drunk guys. 10 shots of Grey Goose, making out with 7 guys, 3 adios motherfuckers, and 1 quickie in the bathroom later, I decided to call it a night and left the club with a random frat boy who I recognized as Stefan from my addiction class to the NYU dorms. The cab ride there wasn’t a smooth one. Clothes were flying everywhere and there was not a moment where the cab driver didn’t threaten to kick us out if Stefan didn’t remove his lips from my pussy. Luckily when the cab driver decided he had enough, they we were kicked out right in front of the dorms.

Stefan and I stumbled up the stairs and fumbled with the lock before falling into the open room. Stefan pulled my G-string down and continued to pleasure me orally. Everytime Stefan’s tongue made contact with my clitoris it sent an explosion of tingly sensations that vibrated throughout my body. I arched my back and grabbed Stefan’s head to pull him deeper into me. Stefan’s tongue kept teasing me all over and he used a finger to send me over the edge. My orgasm came out of nowhere. My whole body shook with cries of satisfaction emerging from my lips. I turned to lie on my stomach and grabbed Stefan’s throbbing dick with my hands. Keeping eye contact, I slowly lowered my mouth onto the head of Stefan’s dick. Up and down I went using both hands to move to the rhythm, creating amazing friction that made Stefan’s eyes roll backwards. I sucked and sucked like it was the most delicious lollipop ever until Stefan was close to climax. I grabbed the base of his penis to stabilize him before I positioned myself on top. With a lustful smile on both of our faces, I eased myself down Stefan’s meat pole. The entrance was one of the most amazing feelings I had felt in a long time. I pumped up and down on Stefan’s shaft, creating a rhythm between fast and slow to build up tension. When it was too much, I would take Stefan’s dick and suck on it and then get back on and ride him. We fucked everywhere. We fucked doggy style on the floor, girl on top on the kitchen counter, wall sex, missionary in the tub, and somehow we ended up in the bedroom wheelbarrowing. “Have you ever had anal sex before?” I asked. “I can fuck you in the ass so hard you will beg for a dick in there all the time.” “Bring it on.” Stefan flipped me around so quickly that I barely had time to process my naughty request when Stefan jammed his dick in my ass. It was both painful but pleasurable so I implored him to keep going. Stefan pumped in and out of my ass and took breaks so I could suck his dick some more, lubing it up for another round in my tight asshole. Stefan inserted himself inside my ass again and thrusted, this time with the goal of climaxing so hard I wouldn’t know what hit me in the face…or ass. Stefan came violently inside my asshole. When he removed his dick, cum flowed out of my asshole like a waterfall. “I did well,” said Stefan with a smirk. I felt the hot cum with my fingers and slowly licked it clean. “I couldn’t agree more,” I said with a smile as cleaned myself up, put on my clothes, and left.
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